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The benefits of the HólosHouse have been directed towards the goal of sustainability, resilience, and creating a sense of well being for the occupants.

•     Passive energy sources

•     High strength to material weight structural system

•     Minimized surface area of enclosure improves thermal performance

•     Minimized surface area of enclosure reduces material cost

•     Airtight building envelope minimizes heat loss or gain

•     Natural ventilation contributes to healthy air quality

•     Generous daylight contributes to a sense of well-being

•     Glass enclosure enables view opportunities

•     Column-free open plan for flexible use and a feeling of spaciousness

•     Integration and coordination of all building product systems

•     Prefabricated building components

•     Pre-finished building components

•     Non-combustible building components

•     Long-life building components

•     Low-maintenance building components

•     Reconfigurable standardized building components

•     Reusable and recyclable materials

•     High recycled content in building materials

•     Minimum site Intervention

•     Adaptation to varied site topography due to non-orthogonal geometry

•     Mitigation of natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes, high winds, floods, and fire.