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The Hólos House, truly green.

How many trees were cut down to build this structure?

There is a better way – without destroying our woodlands.

The HólosHousetakes green architecture and prefab building to new levels –Beyond Green, Beyond Prefab – facilitating a carbon neutral footprint with net-zero energy use on annualized basis. The HólosHouse is designed to achieve higher standards of energy efficiency in support of sustainability and environmental resilience. Typical building methods are inefficient and wasteful in their use of material and labor. The marginal adaptations of current green design approaches need to evolve to a more comprehensive and innovative building design strategy to mitigate the effects of global warming. 

Pearce’s vision led him to look at building design unconstrained by the limitations of style, sentimentality, and traditional architectural methodologies. Establishing carbon neutral, sustainable building driven by a high performance design ethic requires a paradigm shift. The HólosHouse is such a paradigm shift as is the Circular Economy.

The HólosHouseis a performance-driven building system that takes advantage of well-understood 20th century materials (steel, aluminum and glass) coupled with 21st century design. It brings together historically proven high-performance materials with the most modern technical implementation – the embodiment of a holistic strategy. The building configuration and its environmental infrastructure are designed as an integrated product system – it’s Hólos.