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The Climate Management Canopy’s exoskeleton is a key aspect of the of the HólosHouse structural system. It provides overhead support for the 3138 sq. ft. column-free all-glass building envelope. Although shaded by the Climate Management Canopy the insulated glass enclosure provides abundant natural light to the building interior. This minimizes energy use for daytime lighting and eliminates the heat load induced by artificial lighting. 

Natural ventilation, enhanced by the Climate Mangement Canopy, is provided by arrays of operable windows in the glass walls and the overhead all glass enclosure. This provides fresh air enabling cooling to be further enhanced. In the summer months the sun heats the louvers of the Climate Management Canopy. This creates low-pressure zones causing convection currents to pull air through the open windows in the overhead glass enclosure. This enables additional cooling by enhancing natural ventilation. It is effectively solar cooling.

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is well known to and discussed by various entities, including the EPA, Consumer Product and Safety Commission, and by a number of University research programs. Various studies have shown that one of the most effective strategies to mitigate SBS is through generous natural ventilation. Sources of contaminated air in buildings are often attributable to the out gassing of toxic chemicals from interior furnishings, carpeting, wall finishes, paint, and the like. Also air conditioning and heating systems can emit unclean air and microscopic dust. These factors contribute to a variety of health issues.

The HólosHouse overcomes the problems of Sick Building Syndrome by virtue of its generous natural ventilation and by avoiding the use of construction and a finishing materials that can produce out gassing of toxic chemicals. Also, as noted, there is no conventional HVAC system to blow stale and potentially dirty air through the interior environment. These are important benefits that contribute to enhanced air quality enabling aed sense of well being and improved personal health.

Extreme heat caused by global warming is increasingly challenging for the residents of the planet. This will have serious effects on the consumption of energy as communities resort to refrigerated air conditioning to mitigate stress on human health while increasing the effects of global warming. Implementation of the Climate Management Canopy is an effective strategy to address the life threatening challenges of climate change.