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All materials in the HólosHouse are prefabricated, pre-finished factory-made components, that are fire-proof (non-combustible). No finishing, painting, cutting, welding, fabrication, or other processes are done at the job site. The primary activity at the job site is assembling the kit-of-parts. The assembly of which can be accomplished with simple tools and specially trained workers. Because only assembly is done at the project site it can be accomplished rather quickly. Thus labor costs are significantly less than traditional building.

The HólosHouseis assembled from a family of integrated product systems, including structural, space enclosure, radiant floor system and climate management components. The combination of these systems provides a uniquely designed prefabricated kit-of-parts. From these components the entire building is manufactured off premises and assembled at the site with zero waste. High performance materials including steel, aluminum, glass and synthetic stone are used to manufacture the prefinished, noncombustible components. The materials represent high-recycled content and enable long life and minimal maintenance requirements. These benefits are not shared with traditional building methods. The unique combination of long life and low maintenance is consistent with the goals of the Circular Economy.

Factory made components are produced from high performance materials, such as steel and aluminum. This results in higher material cost but lower labor cost. Traditional building comprises approximately 50% material and 50% labor costs. With the HólosHouse the ratio is approximately 80% material and 20% labor.

This means that the majority of the cost of building is invested in materials and less on labor. The incorporation of such high performance materials gives rise to lower life cycle costs. This lower life cost is enhanced by the ability to disassemble and reassemble standardized components into new configurations. Additionally these high-performance materials are 100% recyclable, which is not the case with conventional building.

It is this kit-of-parts strategy that enables the HólosHouse to fully embrace the Circular Economy.