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Harnessing Nature

A number of passive energy strategies are incorporated into the HólosHouse.

In addition to the Climate Management Canopy, interior ambient temperature is controlled using geothermal temperature transfer. Liquid (hydronic fluid) is pumped through an underground labyrinth of tubes. This maintains the temperature of the hydronic fluid at roughly 60 degrees, which is the approximate constant temperature underground at a depth of 6 feet or more. An electric heat pump adjusts the temperature of the hydronic fluid as it is pumped through radiant flooring to cool or heat the building interior.

The geothermal heat pump only needs to heat or cool the hydronic fluid from approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit rather than ambient temperature. This results in an extremely energy efficient system. A healthy comfortable living space is achieved through radiant heating and cooling without the need for blowing warm or cool air as in conventional HVAC systems, which is extremely inefficient and unhealthy.

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels mounted to the roof of the detached garage structure generate electricity in this all-electric building. With this strategy decentralized (off the grid) electric power can be achieved.

The result of combining these technologies enables net zero energy use while facilitating a carbon neutral footprint.